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Random House:

To celebrate the new release of Andy McNab’s Dead Centre, we are giving away a set of the last four titles in the Nick Stone series for the ultimate catch up. Join the ex-SAS mercenary in Brute Force, Exit Wound, Zero Hour and the newest episode Dead Centre. Stone is hurtled into his most complex and compelling mission yet, following the kidnap of an oligarch’s young son and heir, but what has led Nick Stone to his latest operation? This is your chance to find out.

For the opportunity to be the lucky winner of this thrilling series, brought to life through Rupert Degas’ gripping narration, answer the question below.

The prize is four Andy McNab Audiobooks – Dead Centre, Brute Force, Exit Wound & Zero Hour

Go here to enter the competition. Good luck!!

PS: Unfortunately for some readers:  This competition is open to anyone aged 16 or over who is a resident of the UK or the Republic of Ireland, except for employees of The Random House Group Limited (the promoter), their families and any other company connected with the competition.


Sorry non-Dutch readers, I can give away 3 copies of the Dutch translation of Exit Wound. Hope to be of your service the next time!!

Drie exemplaren van ‘Oorlogswond’ te winnen!!

Hoi allemaal!
De vertaling van het 12e Nick Stone boek van Andy McNab ‘Exit Wound’ is nu verkrijgbaar: ‘Oorlogswond’
Van Bruna mag Greymansland 3 exemplaren weggeven!! Als je het antwoord weet op de volgende vraag:

‘Hoe heet de film over Nick Stone, die op dit moment in productie is en is gebaseerd op het boek Firewall’.

Stuur je antwoord vóór 10 maart naar: lynn@greymansland.com
Wie weet ben jij één van de drie gelukkigen! Je krijgt het boek dan opgestuurd.

Zie ook de Hyves pagina van Andy McNab

Het boek is ook te koop bij Bruna


* Go here to read the English version

Naar aanleiding van de publicatie van Andy McNab’s  ‘De Afghanistan-Missie’ – de Nederlandse vertaling van War Torn – was Andy in Nederland voor interviews… en Grey Man’s Land was erbij!!

Dankzij de lieve dames van Uitgeverij AW Bruna  mocht ik Andy ‘ergens in Amsterdam’ interviewen. Gewassen en gestreken – en met knikkende knieën – was ik ruimschoots op tijd (lees: natuurlijk veel te vroeg, kon niet wachten!) op de afgesproken plaats. Hier kon ik me onder het genot van een luxe kopje thee nog even mentaal voorbereiden. Aan mijn flank mijn persoonlijke bodyguard, want je weet tenslotte maar nooit. Je gaat toch een hooggetrainde elite soldaat ontmoeten, met dodelijke handen – danwel ogen!

En dan is ie daar… Eerste indruk: Over zijn fameuze blauwe ogen is geen woord gelogen!

Ik krijg een stevige handdruk en een brede lach: al zou het gesprek de mist in gaan (hij zal toch onderhand wel vermoeid zijn na twee dagen gedwongen binnen zitten?) mijn dag kan niet meer stuk!!  Wat verder opvalt is dat hij zo levendig, vriendelijk en correct overkomt.  En van een eventuele vermoeidheid laat hij niks merken. Twee dagen interviews krijgen hem niet in de stress.
Ach natuurlijk niet… het is Andy McNab!

Een prachtige locatie, omringd door honderden boeken en een prettig gezelschap.. wat wil een mens nog meer!! Uiteindelijk heb ik bijna anderhalf uur met Andy mogen kletsen. Dat wil zeggen… hij kletste en ik knikte, hummde en noteerde.

Meer dan eens een klaterende lach en heel veel woorden. Vooral over het boek  ‘De Afghanistan Missie’ dat hij schreef in samenwerking met Kym Jordan. Maar we spraken ook over de Nick Stone film ‘Echelon’, ForceSelect, het regisseren van ‘De Jonge Soldaat’ (Boy Soldier) en natuurlijk over de nieuwe Nick Stone ‘Zero Hour’ die in november (in het Engels) gepubliceerd wordt. En nog veel meer.

Andy geeft heel uitgebreid antwoord op alle vragen. Ik neem graag voor lief dat daardoor niet al mijn vragen beantwoord zijn. Dat ligt tenslotte ook zeker aan de hoeveelheid vragen die ik op papier had staan. Tja.. als het om Andy gaat willen we gewoon alles weten! Gelukkig krijg ik de belofte de overige vragen later dit jaar te mogen stellen. ‘To be continued’ zullen we maar zeggen! Jippie!!

Goed nieuws voor Nederland: in februari 2011 wordt door Uitgeverij Bruna de Nederlandse vertaling van ‘Exit Wound’ gepubliceerd, onder de naam ‘Oorlogswond’ . En dan gelijk in mei daarna is de Nederlandse vertaling van ‘Zero Hour’ gepland (titel nog onbekend). De fans van Andy McNab worden door Bruna in de watten gelegd.

En dan nog een klein tipje van de ‘Zero Hour’ sluier: Na alle plaatsen die Nick Stone al bezocht heeft doet hij in deel 13 eindelijk Amsterdam aan! Die Balaclava in de Amsterdamse haven was Andy McNab op verkenning!

Natuurlijk was Andy ook genegen om mijn vers-van-de-pers exemplaar van ‘De Afghanistan-Missie’ te signeren. Wat hij erin geschreven heeft houd ik lekker voor mezelf maar ik kan je wel vertellen… ik was zeer vereerd!!

Nu de taak om het interview uit te werken, nog een aardige klus maar ik doe mij best!! Dus tot gauw.. enneh..heel veel dank aan Uitgeverij Bruna en natuurlijk aan Andy McNab voor een geweldige ontmoeting…. you’re the best!


Despite being quite busy in Hollywood, Andy McNab was kind enough to take what time he could out of his schedule to chat with greymansland.com about Exit Wound, Dropzone, and of course the rumoured ‘Echelon’ movie deal. Transcript below:

GML: Many critics and fans have called Exit Wound the best Nick Stone novel yet. We know that when writing fiction, you are often inspired by real events. Can you tell us more about the background behind Exit Wound’s story-line?
Andy McNab: Great news to hear that Exit Wound is so well liked. The whole idea was based around a story that came out of ‘rumour control’. The story was that Saddam had these two huge golden doors made for his palace in Basra and that they never got delivered from Dubai because of the war. I first heard this story when I was at Basra Palace in 2007. I was visiting 2 Rifles who were the last infantry battalion to stay for the whole six-month tour in the city. The battalion was full of rumours about hidden gold within the palace compound. There were more holes in the ground from the lads digging than there was from the rocket and mortar attacks. After that trip it was really playing with the idea using a people that have spent years talking about how best to rob banks and more importantly how to get away with it. Julian, Red Ken and Dex are based on mates from the regiment that I’ve known for over 20 years. They are just as smooth, stupid and serious as they are in the book.

GML: What places did you visit to research Exit Wound? Usually these places don’t seem to be the regular tourist areas; any interesting anecdotes from your latest trips to the dodgier side of town?
Andy McNab: I was very lucky with Exit Wound as they weren’t too many recces to carry out. I know Dubai quite a while and have spent some time in Russia. In fact I was due to go last summer with my daughter who has become quite friendly with a Russian friend of mine. He called me from Moscow three days before we were due to leave to say he had some bad news. I thought it was about his wife who was due to have a baby within the next month. However he was phoning from his hospital bed after being shot in a Moscow hotel. He was more concerned about my daughter meeting up with his as they were really looking forward to it. Our parting words were ‘maybe next year.’

GML: You are a big supporter of one of our favourite charities, Talking2Minds. What attracted you to Talking2Minds? Do you feel, with the additional publicity of late, things are starting to change when it comes to PTSD?
Andy McNab: I met the lads from Talking2Minds at a PTSD conference where I was giving the opening address. I think the way they are tackling the problem is fantastic and they are getting some great results. Things are starting to change both in the perception the public has about soldiers with PTSD, and the way we are dealing with the problem . I am helping out on a project that is being run by the head of army psychiatry and hopefully the project should be out in the public domain early next year. One thing that is clearly come out this project so far is that the vast majority of soldiers, sailors and airmen who leave the armed services do very well back in the real world. That’s good for two reasons and the main one is that we can concentrate on the minority of people who really need help.

GML: What’s the status for ‘Echelon’, the Nick Stone movie based on Firewall, these days?
Andy McNab: All looking good. What I have learnt during this process is that on average film costing $70m takes about 11 years to get up and running. We’re at the stage now where contracts are signed but there are more Chiefs than Indians running around saying what they want done. However, the script is now finished and so…

GML: Dropzone: Bk.1, your new novel for the youth market, was just released. Your ‘Boy Soldier‘ youth series was written with a co-writer (Robert Rigby). Why no co-writer this time, and what differences might we see with you as the only writer?
Andy McNab: I thought I would just give it a go. Whilst collaborating on the Boy Ssoldier series it became very evident to me that there is no difference between writing adult and teenage fiction. Of course, there are restrictions on profanity, and the fact that a teenager cannot actually kill anybody. But apart from that, there is nothing different, a story is a story. I’m hoping that the style Drop Zone is written in works that adult readers as well.

GML: Finally, Andy, what’s the best joke you ever heard in your entire military career?
Andy McNab: Nope, not gonna tell you!

GML: Thank you very much indeed for your time and best wishes from all of your fans here at greymansland.com

It’s always an honour, a pleasure, and a laugh to hear from Andy. Read more Andy McNab Interviews.


Andy McNab visits Pritchard's bookshop 2009


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