Meltdown by Andy McNabANDY MCNAB and co-writer ROBERT RIGBY write Fourth And Final book In The Boy Soldier Series: MELTDOWN
On May 8th Doubleday Children’s Books has published the final book in the Boy Soldier series which follows the lives of 18 year-old Danny Watts and his ex-SAS grandfather, Fergus Watts.

A lethal new drug known as Meltdown with devastating side-effects is threatening to destabilise society. Danny and Fergus are recruited by the Head of Security Services in M15, to discover the mastermind behind the drug. Their search takes them from the clubs of Manchester to Spain and Germany and brings them up against an old adversary, someone Danny hoped he would never encounter again. And this time, it is a battle to the end.

MELTDOWN is a highly charged and hard-hitting adventure story which brings all the authenticity of Andy McNab’s SAS past into an explosive and fast-moving thriller, perfectly aimed at older children.

ANDY MCNAB on moving to the world of drugs in Meltdown:
“In cash terms, the trafficking of drugs is the third largest global commodity, coming only after the oil industry and the arms trade. But the sheer scale of the problem is no excuse to stop fighting it and we felt it was an interesting and relevant issue to highlight in a book for young readers.”

Co-writer ROBERT RIGBY adds:
“We set out to create great stories incorporating many of Andy’s incredible real-life experiences and we’re delighted that so many teenagers are enjoying our Boy Soldier series. We always planned to have four books which would stand on their own and also as part of a series. It’s been terrific fun seeing how our main characters, Danny and Fergus Watts, develop but we knew with Meltdown it was time to let go.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and NOT just for the young ones! Order your copy here.