This year Grey Man’s Land was fortunate to get  an advanced readers copy of the new Nick Stone novel ‘Dead Centre’! Quite a pleasant surprise that one 🙂

So what about this 14th (!) Nick Stone adventure….

As you probably know from the synopsis Nick gets involved in a hostage negotiation.

A young boy and his mother have been kidnapped from aboard a yacht and certainly our hero is the one to bring them home.

The book starts the way we recognize from the former novels: with a prologue to make us understand more about the present situation and characters. It reads a bit slow, however, we get interesting information about the world of NGOs.

Then, when ‘present time’ starts you get sucked into that rollercoaster of action and events that we know so well from Andy’s novels. Every detail covered you’re ‘there’ with him, not just reading, but experiencing the story.

Andy is your perfect host, from details on the Moscow underground to the uprise of Al-Shabaab and background information on current world affairs… it’s non-fiction woven into fiction and all is very up-to-date so it’s real nice to read the book as soon as you can.

Nick Stone himself remains an interesting character, mix of human and superhuman. He’s doing a brave attempt to become more of a ‘grown-up’ but can’t help that boys will be boys…

When I was halfway through the book I thought..how can it be 400+ pages long, this is a piece of cake for our hero! But then, of course, unexpected twists keep you hooked and before you know it you have indeed read the full 400 and you’re as exhausted and dried out as Nick is in the last pages.

It’s a quality sequel in the series, a great read, but then we expect no less from Andy.
So nothing out of the ‘ordinary’….??

You’d think.

Zero Hour was quite a shock learning about Nick Stone’s  situation.

Prepare for another one!!!!

I had to read the last pages a couple of times over….. a real jaw dropper!!

But find out for yourselves! ‘Dead Centre’ is published on 15 September.

Have fun reading, you can go here to pre-order Andy McNab’s new Nick Stone novel ‘Dead Centre’



Aug 31st 2011 – By Oliver Jones

For a second, just pretend you’re an Ex-SAS hero, you were the commander of the one of the most famous military operations of recent times and at the time of leaving the military you were its most highly decorated soldier — what would you do next?

Well that’s exactly the situation Andy McNab found himself in 18 years ago, when he became one of the most entertaining and prolific action authors of recent times.

His most popular novels are the Nick Stone series: tales of an Ex-SAS, deniable operator who traverses the world generally being an incredibly competent badass.

We spoke to Andy McNab about his new novel, Nick Stone, and how good he was at Battlefield 3.

Go here to read the interview


Asylum: You’ve been credited before with predicting flashpoints, and how certain military operation will unfold. Are you trying to predict what’ll happen next or do you take inspiration from contemporary events?

Andy McNab: “It’s a mixture, but again being a commentator for the MOD, there’s a thing called the future character of conflict, it’s an ongoing think tank that thinks up scenarios, not major state conflicts, but all sorts of conflicts. How would they effect commerce and how commerce effects conflict. That’s very useful because I get to see what’s out there, and in the general sort of environment. Combine that with mainstream news and deeper sort of feature-style news, and then it’s about bringing it all together.”



The new Nick Stone will be released 15 September and is named ‘Dead Centre’:

Indonesia, January 2005. Nick Stone is working undercover, to retrieve incriminating material from amongst the tsunami-ravaged chaos of a devastated landscape. His team is attacked and a man dies — but not before he makes an agonising promise that will return one day to haunt him…

Moscow, March 2011. Semi-retired but restless, Stone finds himself at the centre of an extraordinary encounter which turns his world upside down. An oligarch’s young son and heir has been snatched — with his mother — from aboard a luxury yacht in the Seychelles, and only one man has what it takes to track them down and bring them home.

The fuse is lit, and Stone is hurtled into his most complex and compelling mission yet — a mission that leads him from the Alpine enclaves of the super-rich to the savage underbelly of war-torn Somalia. And in a world where piracy, extortion and betrayal lurk in the twisted wreckage of imperial ambition, Stone’s principal objective turns remorselessly from liberation to revenge…

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Bantam Press (15 Sep 2011)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0593065220
ISBN-13: 978-0593065228


Lots of articles about Jason Statham being in sight to perform Nick Stone in the upcoming movie Echelon, based on the Andy McNab novel ‘Firewall’. I’m not going to post them all here. We know Andy McNab said ages ago he would like Jason Statham to get the Nick Stone part “since he’s such a nice guy”. We’ll see but time is running and it won’t be long until we’ll know for sure, so… to be continued!

The articles also say that Hyde Park will try to sell Echelon at the Berlin movie festival and that a director has been found.. Simon Crane – a ‘stunt coordinator previously known for his work on Angelina Jolie vehicles  The Tourist and Salt’. It will be his directors debut. Good luck Simon, don’t let Andy’s many fans down!