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Luke Evans boards SAS thriller

Luke Evans, star of The Hobbit, is to play the lead in an adaptation of Andy McNab action thriller SAS: Red Notice.

Altitude Film Entertainment, Parabolic Pictures and Vertigo Films will produce the action thriller and Luke Evans, whose upcoming films include Dracula Untold and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, is attached to play Tom Buckingham.

Altitude Film Sales introduces the project to buyers today in Cannes and will partner with WME Global on the U.S. rights. SquareOne Entertainment has acquired distribution rights for German-speaking territories.

Nick Love (The Sweeney) directs from a screenplay by Laurence Malkin and Chad Thumann based on the bestselling novel by former SAS operator Andy McNab.

Will Clarke, Laurence Malkin, Allan Niblo and James Richardson will produce the film. Executive producers are McNab, Mike Runagall, Andy Mayson, and Jack Drewe. Daniel Findlay will co-produce.

SAS: Red Notice is an action thriller set in the Channel Tunnel, where 100 meters underground 20 accused war criminals hold 400 hostages. Only one man can get them out alive – Tom Buckingham – an SAS operator who is trying to save his relationship with the woman he loves. The explosive conflict rages from Central London to the very heart of Paris, where Tom uncovers a conspiracy.

McNab has been a driving force behind this project since its inception, according to the producers, and he will be integral to its realization during the film’s production.

“I am very excited to be working with Nick and Luke,” said McNab. “I have admired Nick’s work for years and Luke’s involvement as Tom Buckingham makes this an incredibly exciting project to be involved in.”

Director Nick Love said: “SAS is a fantastic project and I am thrilled to be working with Andy McNab and Luke Evans in what will be a very modern action thriller.”

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“The New” Bravo Two Zero introduction

Bravo Two Zero Q & A

Introducing Red Notice



SAS soldier and bestselling thriller writer Andy McNab is back with a brand new hero…

Deep beneath the English Channel, a small army of Russian terrorists has seized control of the Eurostar with 400 hostages.
One man stands in their way. An off-duty SAS soldier is hiding inside the train.
Alone and injured, he’s the only chance the passengers have of getting out alive.

Meet McNab’s explosive new creation, Sergeant Tom Buckingham, as he unleashes a whirlwind of intrigue and retribution in his attempt to stop the terrorists and save everyone on board – including the woman he loves.

Hurtling us at breakneck speed between the Regiment’s crack assault teams, Whitehall’s corridors of power and the heart of the Eurotunnel action, Red Notice is McNab at his devastatingly authentic, pulse pounding best.

27 October 2012 – 19.30u
Andy will be appearing at Portsmouth BookFest to talk his new book Red Notice and his latest book for young adults, The New Recruit. Suitable for adults and children.

Admiral Lord Nelson Business & Enterprise College Portsmouth
PO3 5XT Box Office 023 92 688 037

For more information go to the Portsmouth Bookfest 2012 website

28 October 2012 – 12.00u
Join Andy at the Chester Literary Festival to hear him speak about Red Notice and the launch of his new character, SAS operative Tom Buckingham./em>

Chester Town Hall Chester Town Hall,
Northgate St, Chester CH1 2HJ
box office on 0845 241 7868
Tickets 11 GBP

For more information go to the Chester Literature Festival website

29 October 2012 – 12.00u (?)
Join Andy for a book signing at Blackwells bookshop in Edinburgh on Monday 29th October

Blackwell’s Bookshop Unit 6/7 Royal Bank of Scotland HQ Gogarburn Edinburgh EH12 1H
Find out more: 0131 626 3015

30 October 2012 – 10.00u
Andy will be appearing at the Catterick Garrison Library to talk about his life and work and to promote the Six Book Challenge.,/em.

Gough Rd Catterick Garrison
North Yorkshire DL9 3EL
Free event with refreshments but entry by ticket only. Collect your ticket from Catterick Library from Saturday 6 October 2012.
For further information please contact Catterick Garrison Library on 0845 034 9501

30 October 2012 – 14.00u
Andy will be paying a visit to the Harrogate Army Foundation College Library to talk about his life and work.

Army Foundation College
Penny Pot Lane Harrogate HG3 2SE

30 October 2012 – 19.30u
Join Andy for a talk and book signing at Guisborough Bookshop in Yorkshire.

4 Chaloner Street, Guisborough
Tickets are £5, redeemable against purchase of the book.

For more information go to the Guisborough Bookshop website

31 October 2012 – 19.00u
Join Andy at the Peterborough Library for a talk and a book signing.

Central Library,
Broadway, Peterborough PE1 1RX
tel 01733 864280
Tickets £5 (£3 concessions and book group members). Available from Central Library and Waterstones Peterborough. For more information go to the Peterborough website

2 November 2012 – 19.30u
Andy will be speaking at The Cambridge Union Society on Friday 2nd November

The Cambridge Union Society
9A Bridge Street Cambridge CB2 1UB
Tel: (+44) (0) 1223 566 421

For more information go to the Cambridge Union Society website

5 november 2012 – 19.00u
Andy will be speaking at Liverpool Town Hall on Monday 5th November.

Liverpool Town Hall
High Street Liverpool L2 3SW
Telephone: 0151 225 5530

6 November 2012 – 19.00u
In association with Rossiter Books, Andy will be appearing at the Blake Theatre and will be signing books after the show.

Almshouse Street Monmouth NP25 3XP
Doors open at 6.30PM Starts at 7.00PM
Price: £8.00
Box Office: 01600 719401

For more information go to The Blake Theater website

8 November 2012 – 19.30u
Author talk followed by a question and answer session and a book signing opportunity

Ramsden Street
HD1 2TA Huddersfield
Box Office 01484 223200 / 01484 222444 / 01924 324501
Tickets £2

For more information go to the Kirklees Town Halls website

12 November 2012 – 19.30u
Enjoy an evening with Andy McNab, who will be giving a talk on Red Notice and his own life and experiences followed by a book signing.

Crown and Mitre Hotel
English Street, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA3 8HZ
Tel:01228 529067 Gwenda Matthews
Tickets – £5 (and redeemable as a £5 voucher when buying the book at the event) from Bookends
Doors and bar opens 18:45u

For more information go to the Discover Carlisle website

We’re hoping lots of you will be able to meet Andy and have your book(s) signed!! Enjoy 🙂



YAY!! Andy was willing to answer our questions about the War Torn sequel ‘Battle Lines’ that was published this month. Of course we also had some other prying questions for him…so below his answers. Enjoy!!

Grey Man’s Land Interview with Andy McNab
July 2012

GML: Hi Andy, thanks for answering some of our questions again, with the release of War Torns sequel ‘Battle Lines’ this month.
First of all..how was working with Kym again?

AM: “It was great! Her experience is different from mine and its so useful getting a different person’s view when you are writing. Also, the female characters are so important in this book that it was vital to have an authentic female voice in the narrative.”

GML: Kym being the ‘social’ one in your collaboration, did she do the family stuff again?

AM: “We both did really. We spent time in some camps talking to families and Kym did some further visits and meetings, but I went out to Helmand in the Spring and spent a lot of time talking to some of the lads about the issues surrounding home, balancing these contrasting aspects of their lives, communications and how they felt about stuff basically.”

GML: When War Torn was released you promised us a sequel with the same characters and some new ones. What can you tell us about the people in ‘Battle Lines’?

AM: “I want you to go and buy a copy! But briefly, Dave Henley and his wife Jenny are still at the centre of the book and we follow their lives and those of the families around them, many of whom were in War Torn.”

GML: Characters in your books are often based on people you know, or have met. Are you expecting requests of ‘royalties’ again?

AM: “Ha ha, hopefully not! I’ll have to start saying that every character is a version of me, the good parts of course! There are lots of people that have helped me research and create these characters, and lots of people’s experiences woven into the story, but that is the nature of authentic and realistic fiction, I want it to be based on truth and real experience, that is, hopefully, part of why people want to read my books.”

GML: On the cover of the book it says ‘Sometimes your toughest enemy is yourself’ What does that mean?

AM: “It is a reference to the idea that serving soldiers are in a situation where they have two completely contrasting parts of their life, on the one hand they are out on patrol, literally risking life and limb and watching their mates getting injured or worse alongside them, and on the other, they are on the phone or email to their families at home hearing about the kids playing truant, the car failing its MOT or their relationship going to shit because they aren’t there and they can’t do anything about it. It is incredibly frustrating and a difficult balance to get right. Much more tricky than in the era before instant communications. Nowadays the lads hear about everything going wrong at home and are completely powerless to do anything about it, whereas in previous times, at least they didn’t know about it!”

GML: Can you relate to this yourself?

AM: “Yes, I had a few relationships whilst I was a serving soldier, I found it difficult to get the balance right and I got it wrong a couple of times!”

GML: The first book didn’t have a moral message, you said when War Torn was published. Did you avoid politics again in this sequel?

AM: “Yes, it isn’t about politics, it is about people, life struggles and the difficulties facing not only serving soldiers but also their families back home. If there is one political theme in the book, however, it is the continuing need for more civilian acknowledgement and training for service leavers suffering from PTSD. The difficulty comes with the fact that it often doesn’t come to light until after those afflicted have left the army. This is where problems arise as neither families nor the National Health Service have the experience or training to deal with these problems. It’s not through a lack of interest or awareness, but simply that the experiences that have led to this are so extreme and unique to serving soldiers.”

GML: Often, even recently, you express your worry about unemployment of ex-army personnel and its consequences, hence your work for ForceSelect. Is this subject implemented in ‘Battle Lines’?

AM: “I haven’t really focused on this issue in Battle Lines, I think there is a danger in throwing too many themes at the reader all at once, perhaps that is one for a different book.”

GML: The original idea was to write about the difficulties of contact with the home front, as in present days there are many ways of contact possible. How did that turn out in ‘Battle Lines’?

AM: “It turned out as I hoped. There is a storyline in Battle Lines concerning a classic case of Chinese whispers and rumours of what people are or aren’t getting up to at home. This is the basis for lots of angst for those serving, as you might imagine, and is just one example of how improved communications aren’t always a good thing for the morale.”

GML: Indeed, today there are mobile phones, Internet and probably ways of contact I don’t know about. How was that in your army days and are these improved communications really an improvement? Or should we go back to ‘All Prohibited except Smoke Signals’.

AM: “I can’t confess to have done quite as much communicating with people at home as I might have done when I was serving. Perhaps this was why I had a couple of failed relationships! But I’m sure I was therefore spared some of the grief and worry that other guys go through. I’m not saying we should go back to having no contact at all with families at home. That just wouldn’t be acceptable to people in this day and age where you can skype anywhere in the world and the majority of us are permanently online and on the end of a mobile. The point I want to make is that this technology doesn’t come without its problems and should be used and treated with respect.”

GML: There has been mention of War Torn being turned into film. Which is a nice bridge to all the other movie stuff.
You were in Cannes this year. What was the result apart from meeting Robert the Niro again.

AM: “I’ve got a couple of projects in pre production at the moment. We’ve got Echelon, the Nick Stone film which is coming along really well and there should be more exciting news on that before too long, and also Red Notice, featuring my new character Tom Buckingham. That is motoring and again, watch this space for announcements!” (GML: WE WILL, WE WILL!!)

GML: This new character ‘Tom Buckingham’, the lead in a new book ‘Red Notice’, which will be published in October…please tell us..Who is he?

AM: “Tom is a serving SAS soldier. He’s very different to Nick Stone in his upbringing, outlook and way he operates. Whereas I based Nick Stone loosely on myself (as everyone knows), Tom is based on a close friend of mine, someone I admired hugely. I will tell you more about this in the Autumn when the book comes out. The other big difference with Tom Buckingham is that I have changed my narrative structure with this book. Whereas the Nick Stone books are in the first person, ie you see everything happening through Nick’s eyes and if he can’t see it then you don’t know about it, I’m using the third person now so as well as seeing everything that Tom sees, we get to see what is going on elsewhere, what the ‘baddies’ are up to, how the politicians are handling the situation, it is more of a 360 narrative picture, I’m really enjoyed doing it.”

GML: And we will enjoy reading it! But now……The new Nick Stone novel has been postponed until next year. It’s obviously not really common knowledge yet since there haven’t been reports of riots in front of publisher Transworlds office. What’s going on??? Your fans are not pleased. One even wonders how to know it’s autumn this year!

AM: “Don’t worry, the new Nick Stone is coming out, I promise. I’ve more or less written it already! It is going to be called ‘Silencer’ I hope and it is set in Colombia and in Moscow, going back to some old operations and then bringing us up to date with Nick and the big changes that were just happening at the end of Dead Centre….

It just got pushed back to give more space to ‘Red Notice’ which people seem to be getting really excited about, which is all good.”

GML: Andy, as always we’d like to close our interview with a silly question. This time we’d like to know… you’ve been surfing quite a lot lately. Who can join you on your surfboard any time and why? (And please don’t say your neighbor Katie Price, as she’s capable of floating without a board.)

AM: “We’ve all seen the photos of Cameron Diaz on her surfboard…. But for someone slightly different, I gather Obama can surf. He grew up in Hawaii so should be able to! I’d quite like to go out surfing with him and chat about a few world policies!”

GML: Wow! Thank you so much for the interview again Andy and we’ll be looking forward to hearing from you again soon!!

Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Holiday Season!!
Lynn & Grey Man’s Land

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Aaarrggh…bad news for all of us Andy McNab fans…. Andy’s new Tom Buckingham series ‘Red Notice’ and the new Nick Stone thriller ‘Silencer’ are delayed 🙁

‘Red Notice’ will now be published in October 2012 instead of ‘Silencer’ – which has been postponed until October next year!!!! *WEEP*

Well…to be honest we here really wondered how Andy could keep up with all those book titles ‘demanding’ to be produced.  We’re not sure why these books have been postponed but we do know Andy is alive and kicking.. so it can’t be anything dramatic. Of course it IS a big drama ….. for us!!!

Another consequence is this….alas…:



Come and join us at Peterborough Central Library for an exciting and fascinating evening with bestselling author Andy McNab.

Andy will be in Peterborough as part of his tour launching his latest novel, the first in a new series featuring SAS operative Tom Buckingham.

The event will take place on Wednesday 13 June at 7pm.

Tickets cost £5 each (£3 concessions) and are available from Central Library (01733 864280) and Waterstones Peterborough in Bridge Street.

Please book early.

Source: VivaCity Peterborough