Fighting elites – SAS Down Under, showing June 3rd on National Geographic at 9:00pm

“Since its conception in 1955, New Zealand’s elite special forces, the NZ SAS, have been shrouded in mystery.

Now with three years exclusive access, we get under the skin of this organisation. From parachuting and marksmanship to infiltration and survival techniques, follow patrols as they undergo arduous tasks in some of the most inhospitable terrain.

We also follow a new intake of troopers facing a gruelling training regime that only 10% will complete. Footage from the subzero temperatures of the Southern Alps and the battlegrounds of Afghanistan reveals the truth about one of the world’s most revered fighting units.

Follow 50 young hopefuls as they undergo months of gruelling training to turn them from raw recruits into highly-skilled troopers, ready to join the ‘Global War On Terror’ at a moments notice.”

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A former Australian Special Air Service officer who resigned his position as security adviser to the Howard government over its treatment of asylum seekers has been appointed to a top job with the United Nations mission in Iraq.

Peter Bartu has been appointed senior political adviser to UN Special Representative Staffan de Mistura, head of the UN Assistance Mission to Iraq.

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From the Herald Sun

A CHARITY that cares for the families of dead or wounded SAS soldiers has been left in the dark about a $10 million Kevin Rudd election pledge.

The Perth-based Special Air Service Regiment Resources Trust was promised the money by Mr Rudd and his losing candidate for the Perth seat of Stirling, former SAS major Peter Tinley.

Five months on and it has received just one phone call from a Department of Finance bureaucrat in Canberra who said he was trying to reconcile Labor’s election promises.

There has been no due diligence and no correspondence.

“All we have seen is the press release,” a trust source said.

The release, dated November 11, 2007, stated: “A Rudd Labor government will provide $10 million to allow the Special Air Service Resources Trust to provide more relief and support to serving and former SAS members and their families.”

A government spokeswoman said the money was allocated and reported in the Defence budget additional estimates in February this year. Its actual location remains a mystery.

The trust was formed after the 1996 Black Hawk tragedy in Townsville that claimed 15 SAS men and three army aviators.

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According to SASR sources, special forces troopers are not happy with the footwear they’ve been issued, particularly when it comes to the rugged conditions operators face in Afghanistan.

Apparently, the issue boots lack the heel support and other features necessary to stand up to the punishment they’re put through, and as usual that leaves the soldiers buying kit on their own.

With a pair of proper go-fasters costing upwards of $200 U.S., it’s a good thing the MOD is looking into the matter and hiring consultants to help find a better design.  Hopefully this will end up being one less piece of kit the troopers have to purchase for themselves.


Matthew Locke died fighting in Afghanistan. He was a father, a husband, a younger brother, and according to his mates a great guy who could always produce a laugh.
He was on point when he was killed; leading the way.
We offer our sincere condolences to his family and our sincere appreciation for his sacrifice.

For details on his story, see this Perth Now article.


On October 8 the Australian soldier David Pearce, was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. He had been in the forces for just 15 months. And now the second Australian was killed in action in Afghanistan in less than three weeks. SAS Sergeant Matthew “Locky” Locke was killed in action in Oruzgan Province. SAS troops revealed they are coming under increased attack by the Taliban’s veteran mountain fighters.

I picked out two articles:

Tributes flow for a man of courage, about Matthew Locke

According to those who served with him, he was “a terrific and absolutely switched-on soldier” and a methodical and precise leader who always placed the safety of his men first. A devoted husband to Lee, and father to their 13-year-old son, he was one of the Special Air Service Regiment’s best – serving in every major operation since East Timor in 2000. “Sergeant Locke’s sacrifice and legacy will endure and he will not be forgotten,”

And this one: Taliban plan to get Diggers

Taliban extremists in Afghanistan are targeting Australian troops, with the elite SAS the prize target. An SAS source told The Daily Telegraph the Taliban were hunting Aussie special forces.

Our sympathy to the families, friends and mates of Matthew Locke and David Pearce, and to all others effected by all the numerous battlezones in this crazy world.