Australian SASR celebrates 50th anniversaryChief of Army, Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, has today congratulated the Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment on its 50th Anniversary.

The SAS has served the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) and nation with distinction over its proud history and he wished the Regiment’s officers and soldiers a long and equally impressive future. 

“Over the past 50 years the SAS has established itself as a unit with few equals amongst the international Special Forces community.  This did not just happen, it’s the result of the dedication of generations of outstanding young soldiers singularly committed to excellence,” said Lieutenant General Peter Leahy. 

The Australian Special Air Service Regiment, with its famous motto “Who Dares Wins” was formed on 4 September 1964, although its predecessor, the 1st Special Air Service Company, which was part of the Royal Australian Infantry, had been in existence since 1957.

The Regiments long history includes operations in Borneo, Vietnam, Rwanda, Somalia, Cambodia, East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, and various regional contingencies where it has conducted itself with the utmost professionalism and has earned an enviable reputation as a world class Special Forces organisation.

Special Operations Commander, Major General Mike Hindmarsh said the 50th Anniversary was clearly a time to celebrate and to the thousands of officers and troopers who have stood in the ranks of the SAS over the past 50 years “congratulations and well done”.

At the same time the country’s special operations commander has warned that the crack Special Air Service Regiment is at risk of being over-committed because of deployments to Afghanistan and the Middle East.

In an interview at the high-security Special Operations Command headquarters at Garden Island, Major General Mike Hindmarsh told The Australian the SASR, which marked its 50th anniversary yesterday, was operating at its busiest tempo since the Vietnam War.

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