Andy McNab talks about Silencer, writing and other stuff in an interview with Dead Good: ‘the home of killer crime books, drama and film’

Andy, please tell us about your new book?

SILENCER is the new Nick Stone thriller. He’s having as hard a time as ever, drug cartels, organ smuggling, faces from the past with scores to settle. And a girlfriend giving him grief too!

Who or what was the inspiration for Nick Stone?

I always say that the good bits are me, but none of the bad bits, but in reality its lots of me and lads I’ve worked with, but as the series has developed Nick has kind of become his own man.

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Andy will do book signings again to celebrate the publishing of the new (long awaited!!) Nick Stone novel ‘Silencer’

26 October 2013 – Bristol
The Bristol Festival of Literature

1 November 2013 – Chorleywood
Chorleywood Bookshop

2 November 2013 – Colchester
Waterstones Bookshop

4 November 2013 – Reading
Waterstones Bookshop

5 November 2013 – Bath
Topping & Company Booksellers of Bath

6 November 2013 – Doncaster
Waterstones Doncaster

7 November 2013 – Lincoln
Waterstones Lincoln

For addresses go to Andy McNab’s page on Facebook



Aaarrggh…bad news for all of us Andy McNab fans…. Andy’s new Tom Buckingham series ‘Red Notice’ and the new Nick Stone thriller ‘Silencer’ are delayed 🙁

‘Red Notice’ will now be published in October 2012 instead of ‘Silencer’ – which has been postponed until October next year!!!! *WEEP*

Well…to be honest we here really wondered how Andy could keep up with all those book titles ‘demanding’ to be produced.  We’re not sure why these books have been postponed but we do know Andy is alive and kicking.. so it can’t be anything dramatic. Of course it IS a big drama ….. for us!!!

Another consequence is this….alas…:



OH wow… Andy publishes the new Nick Stone novel in October…and you’re gonna love the synopsis!! There’s no cover yet, so ..to be continued.


1993: Under deep cover, Nick Stone and a specialist surveillance team have spent weeks in the jungles and city streets of Colombia. Their mission: to locate the boss of the world’s most murderous drugs cartel – and terminate him with extreme prejudice.

Now they can strike. But to get close enough to fire the fatal shot, Nick must reveal his face. It’s a risk he’s willing to take – since only the man who is about to die will see him. Or so he thinks…

2012: Nick is in Moscow; semi-retired; semi-married to Anna; very much the devoted father of their newborn son. But when the boy falls dangerously ill and the doctor who saves him comes under threat, Nick finds himself back in the firing line. To stop his cover being terminally blown, he must follow a trail that begins in Triad-controlled Hong Kong and propels him back into the even more brutal world he thought he’d left behind.

The forces ranged against him have guns, helicopters, private armies and a terrified population in their vice-like grip. Nick Stone has two decades of operational skills that may no longer be deniable – and a fierce desire to protect a woman and a child who now mean more to him than life itself.

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Bantam Press (25 Oct 2012)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0593065247
ISBN-13: 978-0593065242