The Sun – 22 Jun 2009

‘PM cares for SuBo more than hostages’

Gordon Brown cares more for Susan Boyle than Brits held hostage in Iraq, a furious dad claimed today.

Desperate father Graeme Moore said the PM had never called him about his son Peter who was seized in 2007.
But he was left fuming after it was revealed Mr Brown found time to check on the Britain’s Got Talent singer when she suffered with exhaustion.

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Andy was held captive in Iraq as a member of the SAS.

There have been more private contractors killed in Iraq than US soldiers.

I have spent 13 years on the board of a private security company working there. Everybody understands the risk and that’s why the pay is so high. I had one mate who was shot in both arms.

When people are kidnapped, it tends to be by criminals and they get sold as a commodity.

If you don’t get them back in the first few days – either by paying or by using force – they can be sold on to extremist groups. And then you are in trouble.

I think that is what has happened here. It must be tough for the three remaining hostages. But the Foreign Office will do everything possible to get them back.


June 21st, 2009

From the Food for Heroes website:

Food for Heroes is the work from a group of friends who were serving together at RAF Aldergrove in Northern Ireland.  With a number of us having recently returned from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the work that a newly formed charity “Help for Heroes” was trying to do truly struck a chord with us. 

The result is the book “Food for Heroes”, a cook book with a difference.  Over a hundred contributors list, including politicians, sporting icons, celebrities and many others, have given up their time to tell us about their Heroes and what they would feed them. All of the recipes were cooked by our team of service chefs and photographed by Military photographers.  The result is an intriguing smorgasbord of celebrity, nostalgia, bravery, humour and food which has developed into an extremely unusual cook book with a very different look and feel.

All profits from the book will benefit Help for Heroes and because of the generosity of our Publishers Accent Press and our Printers Butler, Tanner and Dennis, their profits from the book are also being donated to the charity.”

Newsmedian writes:

“If it is true that an army marches on its stomach, then what more fitting way to raise money for injured soldiers than a cook book dedicated to heroes. Profits from the Food for Heroes cook book will benefit the charity Help for Heroes, which works to provide services for wounded armed service personnel.

A hundred people were asked to nominate their hero and the dish they would cook for them, the book is the result.
Among those asked were Gordon Brown, Dame Vera Lynn, and UK war veterans.”

SAS soldier-turned-author Andy McNab said he would cook “the world’s hottest chicken curry” for his hero, pioneering Anglo-Irish explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Mr McNab said: “I would love to cook him dinner. I reckon I would cook him the world’s hottest chicken curry, and I think he would have been gagging for it.”

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Here’s something you might want to see:

Wearing a camouflage suit and tie, Stephen Colbert  took his show to Baghdad to entertain U.S. soldiers in Iraq. For openers, President Obama appeared by video to thank the troops.

“You’re welcome,” the mock pundit answered.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” the president deadpanned.

To the roaring approval of hundreds of troops at Camp Victory, on the western edge of Baghdad, Colbert taped the first of four episodes of “The Colbert Report,” in which he plays a pompous, blustering conservative TV host.

His first guest was the towering, bald Gen. Ray Odierno. When Obama and the U.S. commander suggested Colbert had to look like a soldier to be a soldier, the general took an electric razor to Colbert’s perfectly parted cable-news coif.

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“The Ministry of Defence is helping to launch a range of toys based on British soldiers, sailors and airmen.

Former SAS soldier Andy McNab discusses the 10″ tall articulated dolls with BBC Today.”

Funny one I ran into, it’s from last month. There’s been quite some discussion about the MOD’s toy soldiers as you can read here in a Daily Mail article.

Go here for Andy’s comments on the subject


More news about this book that is coming up:

Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: Bantam Press (24 Sep 2009)
ISBN-10: 0593064798
ISBN-13: 978-0593064795

Real Life Voices from the Battlefields of Afghanistan.

Recounts the courage and hardship of British servicemen and support staff as they have faced the unique difficulties posed by the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

Andy McNab will introduce and edit the book, but the interwoven stories will be told by those serving on the front line, in their own words. Their dramatic, moving and often humorous testimonies will be told through interviews and diaries, letters and emails written to family, friends and loved ones.


The Observer, 24 May 2009

Honouring the works of Owen and Sassoon, the BBC will send Simon Armitage, who was tipped for the poet laureate’s job, to Helmand province to capture the lives of British troops in conflict

“The documentary will follow the poet through his preparations and training. Once in Afghanistan, Armitage will be joined by the bestselling writer and former SAS soldier Andy McNab. The two will gather military stories, travelling together in the area of desert, four miles long by two miles wide, known as Camp Bastion. Around 20 wounded soldiers are airlifted from Camp Bastion in a typical week.”

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