Published Date: 03 November 2009
By Joe Robinson

BRAVO Two Zero author, Andy McNab, is to appear at a special event organised by a Kirkham bookshop.
The former SAS squadron leader, who shot to fame for his amazing book on the operations of an eight man patrol which infiltrated Iraq during the Gulf War, will be premiering his two new books at the event held by SilverDell books.

Spoken From The Front – a non-fiction piece about modern day war heroes and Exit Wounds – a fiction thriller about a daring gold heist by SAS soldiers in Iraq – will be the subject of a question and answer session.

McNab does not show his face in public because of a number of threats to his life.

He wears a mask or balaclava to protect his identity in public and is expected to be incognito at the event.

Like a recent SilverDell event at Lowther Pavilion featuring Jack Dee, McNab will be interviewed on stage and then take questions from the audience in a “an audience with,” format.

Organiser Elaine Silverwood, from the Poulton Street bookshop, said: “It’s a massive coup. Andy McNab is one of the world’s foremost authors on the military and massive figure in Britain’s recent war history.”

During the Gulf War, McNab commanded the famous Bravo Two Zero patrol, an eight man group tasked with destroying communication links between Baghdad and north-west Iraq and finding Scud missile launchers.

Tickets for the book signing event, which takes place at Preston Council Chambers on November 11 at 7.15pm, are on sale now priced at £5.

For more details contact (01772) 683 444 or e-mail info@silverdellbooks.com.

Source: The Blackpool Gazette

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