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The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. ~Leo Tolstoy

Now of course most of us read McNab and are proud of it but if for some reason you have to hide it…. We got this sent this morning. It’s from this weeks ‘Private Eye’. Thanks! It’s funny!!

McNab cartoon Private Eye 



Sharp-eyed GML visitor Susie from Spain has spotted what may well be an error in Seven Troop.  I’ll let her explain in her own words:

I was born in Hereford.
I was taught to drive in a Morgan 4/4 on Bradbury Lines Parade ground.
I made my 1st parachute drop when Pete Sherman was making his 700th.
I went climbing in Symonds Yat with one Taff Evans.
Unless there has been some serious geographical upheaval at some stage of which I was unaware
Then passengers on the Hereford Worcester train passing Bradbury Lines were seriously off route more likely to be heading for Abergavenny.
Does nobody pick up at proof reading stage? It’s a disturbing error in one so competent.

Thanks for writing, Susie.  Can anyone else verify this mistake?


We have a winner in our contest:  Miss Cazalet from Kent, UK. Andy McNab’s latest Nick Stone novel “Brute Force” will be coming your way, congratulations! Thank you other contestants, we’re sorry we don’t have more copies, we would have loved to send one to all of you.

The answer to our question was nót ‘Bravo Two Zero on Ice’, nor ‘a documentary Army Skills in Kindergarten: How to create Super Soldiers’, the right aswer was of course ‘to write a play’. Most of you had that right.

So thanks for joining, we hope you will still all be reading Brute Force very soon!


… got my copy of Seven Troop today!! Sigh. Don’t ask.. it took a detour of some kind. Somehow – despite good intentions – I seem to end up reading it last of all.

So there’s my contribution to the Whining of the Day, off reading now! 🙂



One of the authors of this Andy McNab blog, who isn’t Andy McNab or Lynn, may have made public statements indicating an acceptance of the Aussie practice of Abbo-hunting.

I would like to make clear in no uncertain terms that I, as a contributor to this blog, have never advocated the hunting, or even the running-over on dirt roads, of Australian Aborigines.  I’m sure if I lived in Oz that might be different, but the fact remains neither I nor anyone at this website have any interest in harming Abbos.

Please disregard any comments you may see elsewhere that seem to imply that certain participants in this Andy McNab blog approve of any anti-Aboriginal sentiment, no matter how much sense that sentiment may seem to make.

Thank you.