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Sick of the Randy McFab plugs? Suck it up, buddy, ‘cuz they ain’t gonna stop anytime soon! Randy McFab buys a gun in Arms and the Armed Man.


There’s been some disagreement here regarding where the student or researcher will find the best info on Andy McNab, so I thought I should clear it up.

For the most accurate, 100% vetted information, go to Andy McNab’s Official Website.

For more information, some of which may be provided by ex-SAS members who may or may not have a personal agenda–plus info on related topics like other special forces and the latest news, our site is a good choice.

If you’re looking for info on the SAS in general, I’d start with a site like Wikipedia but I would read books and better yet meet some real ex-SAS blokes for the inside stuff.

We don’t compete with the ‘Andy McNab Official Website’, we complement it.  If you can’t find the answer with either of these sites, you’ll probably have to meet Andy personally to get what you want!


For those of you tired of searching Google, Yahoo, etc., and being inundated with paid rankings…Wikia Search is here. It’s a community-driven search engine, meaning they don’t rank results based on the highest bidder, and they don’t count results from link farms (which is how Andy’s official site beat us in Google rankings).

I often get emails from students researching McNab who went to the “official” site and found no real information and no up-to-date news–and yet Google ranks them above us.

I’m sure Andy’s people (and others) will find a way to cheat this new system as well, but for now I implore you to use Wikia Search to get real results.


And He saw it was good…


I sometimes look at who visits the Randy McFab journal, and was delighted to see today that I finally reached my target audience.

A visitor from Folsom, California (where the state prison is), found the blog by searching for, and I quote, piss gas mask urinal.  Makes me proud, it does.

A new McFab story is up for those interested. Read it and weep!