As Afghanistan-Missie is released this month (Dutch translation of War Torn) Andy appeared on Dutch TV RTL Boulevard.


As the Dutch translation of Andy McNab’s ‘War Torn’ will be published soon, this video was released. We know we get quite a few Dutch visitors too, so here you go..


De Afghanistan missie – Andy McNab
Uitvoering: Paperback
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ISBN: 9789022997598
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GML favourite and raconteur-at-large Camban was kind enough to provide us with the following thoughts on War Torn.
War Torn by Andy McNab and Kym Jordan published June 2010 is really nothing like previous McNab publications, except for the gritty squaddy humour (when tasked to search for a goatherd who disappeared following an IED explosion triggered by his goat ‘last seen with knobbly knees and a white beard, carrying a stick’ one squaddy says wearily to another “I’ll look for the knees, you look for the beard”). This is the closest you will get to understanding the experiences of those sent to fight a determined enemy and those left behind. Even if you have read other accounts of this conflict and seen the documentaries, this account will truly open your eyes to the true price being paid by these young, dedicated people. Absolutely brilliant story telling on all levels.


A great article – with more news about Andy McNab’s upcoming projects!

Lunch with the FT: Andy McNab
By Max Hastings
Published: June 5 2010

A defence journalist who knows McNab has said, “With Andy, everything is business.” He hustles relentlessly, and has become an eager entrepreneur. As well as owning stakes in a security company and a recruitment company (of which he is a director), he is now backing a business called Ghost Speaker, which encrypts digital content for mobile phones and electronic readers. How did that one happen? “A night out with a friend who said, ‘It’s the way ahead.’” The friend was almost certainly right. “We’re just doing a deal with Currys and Dixons.”

But McNab never forgets his core product: “The most important thing is the writing – that’s what makes everything else happen.” He works six hours a day dictating his books, and is thrilled that he has been asked to direct a film of one of them, Boy Soldier.

“Success gives you opportunities, choice. How else could I have been asked to do a film? I told them, ‘I know nothing about directing.’ They said, ‘Don’t worry – you’ll have a really good cameraman.’”

For the full interview go here


Last chance! Andy McNab’s ‘War Torn’ is still on sale for half (well, 49%) off. Of course, you could always not buy it, and then when Andy McNab becomes another homeless veteran, he’ll have you to blame.

War Torn by Andy McNab and Kym Jordan
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Andy was a guest on the ‘Daily Bacon’ show…

‘It’s been nearly twenty years since the former SAS soldier Andy McNab published the bestseller Bravo Two Zero, His latest release is War Torn, the first in a series which follows a unit on a military mission in Afghanistan. He tells Richard all about it – and why his identity must still remain a secret.’

I’m not sure how long it will be up for download, so if you’ve missed it and still like to hear the interview – let us know! We got this sent by Ali – who’s our eyes and ears in the UK, thanks again Ali !!