The latest installment in the Nick Stone series, Zero Hour follows the former special forces soldier through a series of British deniable operations.

The missions are uncannily familiar – namely, an Israeli bombing raid in Syria and a British-led bombing operation blamed on Islamic extremists. Not only that, but Stone has his doubts about the purpose behind a supposed rescue mission. He resolves to watch his back and keep all options open.

As always, the former SAS soldier throws food down his neck, cuts away from difficult feelings and does an awful lot of shopping down at the hardware store. Readers can rely upon his Green Beret abilities to navigate the world, locate a solar plexus and sniff out a stitch-up.

Travelling through Syria, Moldova, the Netherlands and Norfolk, the rock-hard hero battles all manner of obstacles and foes – from Russian gangsters to bent Romanian soldiers and Scouse pimps. Harbouring suspicions, Stone has to do some digging and find out why MI5 would want to rescue an arms dealer’s daughter so badly.

New methods of surveillance and electronic warfare are explored in the book, from GCHQ monitoring of Facebook through to British tampered microchips installed in enemy missile defence systems.

The analysis of Iran, North Korea, Syria and the nuclear proliferation debate is incisive, making this book a light must-read for international relations students. The complexity of the international chess game is balanced with an engaging and fast-moving plot.

McNab knows how to play to his audience and allows his protagonist to have every sort of adventure that is not possible or permissible in ordinary life; stealing a lifeboat, assuming multiple identities and drawing on a thorough knowledge of kitchen bomb building to get the job done.

The real-life experience of the author brings Nick Stone to life and makes this dirty, bloody, spy novel the working-man’s answer to James Bond.

Source: The Global Herald


Andy McNab has fitted Nick Stone out with all the latest kit in his new novel Zero Hour, and some of the stuff isn’t what you’d expect an SAS hard man to be carrying around.
Stone treats himself to (or is provided with):

So, you may not be an international man of mystery like Nick Stone, but this Christmas you can certainly accessorize like one!


Got this sent, by you-know-who-you-are, and it’s AWESOME!!!
Also…learned something today about Nick Stone in Zero Hour… PREPARE FOR A SHOCK !!!!



Andy was on the Christian O’Connell show last week:

Episode summary:

We tracked one of Richie’s poo’s through London’s sewer system and hardman Andy McNab came in to chat about his new book.

Recorded: 18 November 2010 — Andy’s part starts at 11m 47s

Go here for the podcast of the show

News about the Nick Stone movie there too!! Andy says he knows he will be playing the Nick Stone part.. but he’s not telling!!


There seems to be some rescheduling going on but this is what we know for Ely:

Toppings Author Event: Andy McNab Ely St Peter’s Church (Ely) on Friday, 03 December 2010

Zero Hour is the latest in McNab´s acclaimed Nick Stone series – this time Stone must disarm a remotely accessible kill switch.

Tickets £7/6 with £7/6 off Zero Hour.

Event Phone Number: 01353 645005 (UK)
Price: £7/£6
Date: Friday, 03 December 2010
Time: 19:00h
St Peter’s Church (Ely)
Broad Street

Source: Topping & Company Booksellers


[Update: Looks like his appearance has been rescheduled for January. Still trying to confirm this; does anyone out there know?]
Great news for Lincolnshire-area McNab fans: Andy McNab will be at the Bookmark bookstore in Spalding, Lincolnshire 25 November, to meet fans and talk about his upcoming thriller, Zero Hour (Nick Stone 13).

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