Though it won’t be officially released for another two (long) days, Andy McNab’s Dropzone: Bk. 1 is practically guaranteed a place on the bestsellers list. Not only is it following close on the heels of the critically-acclaimed Exit Wound, but it’s McNab’s first new novel for the youth market since Meltdown, and the web has been abuzz with teens talking about this new series.
Andy McNab's Dropzone: Bk. 1Fans of The Grey Man should enjoy Dropzone as well — Greymansland.com talked to three independent booksellers in the U.K., and they all reported that adults are looking forward to Dropzone just as much as the youths are. With Andy McNab writing solo on this series, it’s believed that we might see more of the “edginess” of his Nick Stone novels in Dropzone than we did in the Boy Soldier series.
Dropzone: Bk. 1 should be a big win for Andy McNab as well as his fans. Be sure to order Dropzone: Bk. 1 now and be among the first to experience McNab’s latest thrill ride!
Update: Another glowing Dropzone review has hit the web, this time from a Doncaster Air Cadet.