A brief “Exit Wound” review from Camban:
On “Exit Wound”; you know how some novelists kind of tail off after, say, fifteen books? Well no such problem here, in fact I’d say that this is one of his best, hugely enjoyable in his now traditional, unique style. He gets more factual accuracy in these days too with plenty of canny political observations which are often alarmingly prescient. Together with the geographical and technical insights, his eminent squaddie style of dialogue makes for a fascinating tale of epic proportions. Only niggle is again the copious quantity of blank paper combined with very short chapters which makes for a feeling of being slightly cheated. Also contains many British cultural references which may confuse the foreigners here, though certain Western Europeans already steal BBC programmes without paying the licence fee so they may be aware of the TV programmes referred to in the text. Not saying who they may be but they make a clonking noise when they walk. If anyone else wants clarification just ask me.