Crap treatment of veterans isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon…

SAS veterans who were shot at, gassed, bombed, mentally and physically scarred are demanding justice and recognition after 25 years in the wilderness.

The men, members of Australia’s first Special Air Service counter-terrorist teams Nullah and Gauntlet, have gone public because of neglect by politicians and “shiny arse” generals who refuse to recognise their service as “operational”.

Many soldiers died during the hazardous, real-life counter-terrorism training at Swanbourne’s Campbell Barracks and others have taken their own lives since.

Some were pensioned off with horrendous physical and mental scars and have spent years in and out of institutions or living in fear in the bush

Read the full article make sure to check out the gruesome SAS training photo to see how realistic and mentally challenging SAS counter-terror training really is.

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