Fighting elites – SAS Down Under, showing June 3rd on National Geographic at 9:00pm

“Since its conception in 1955, New Zealand’s elite special forces, the NZ SAS, have been shrouded in mystery.

Now with three years exclusive access, we get under the skin of this organisation. From parachuting and marksmanship to infiltration and survival techniques, follow patrols as they undergo arduous tasks in some of the most inhospitable terrain.

We also follow a new intake of troopers facing a gruelling training regime that only 10% will complete. Footage from the subzero temperatures of the Southern Alps and the battlegrounds of Afghanistan reveals the truth about one of the world’s most revered fighting units.

Follow 50 young hopefuls as they undergo months of gruelling training to turn them from raw recruits into highly-skilled troopers, ready to join the ‘Global War On Terror’ at a moments notice.”

Read the article here

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