The Circuit by Bob SheperdCamban:

“When a twenty year veteran of the SAS and a highly experienced private security contractor takes the trouble to shatter a few misconceptions we should all pay close attention and prepare to have our illusions dissolved.

Yes, it’s that bad out there.

We can never again view the supposed bad guys and good guys with our long held assumptions. He has harsh words to say about the situations and personnel in Israel/Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and surprisingly, some new insight into the Bravo Two Zero mission with which he was involved (the book is dedicated to Vince Phillips, A Soldier). However, his most scathing criticism is reserved for the private security industry and shocking it is too. A very disturbing book revealing that nothing out there in the hostile parts of the world are quite as we assume, or are led to assume.

A must read publication if ever there was one.”

Thank you Cam !

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