On October 8 the Australian soldier David Pearce, was killed by a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan. He had been in the forces for just 15 months. And now the second Australian was killed in action in Afghanistan in less than three weeks. SAS Sergeant Matthew “Locky” Locke was killed in action in Oruzgan Province. SAS troops revealed they are coming under increased attack by the Taliban’s veteran mountain fighters.

I picked out two articles:

Tributes flow for a man of courage, about Matthew Locke

According to those who served with him, he was “a terrific and absolutely switched-on soldier” and a methodical and precise leader who always placed the safety of his men first. A devoted husband to Lee, and father to their 13-year-old son, he was one of the Special Air Service Regiment’s best – serving in every major operation since East Timor in 2000. “Sergeant Locke’s sacrifice and legacy will endure and he will not be forgotten,”

And this one: Taliban plan to get Diggers

Taliban extremists in Afghanistan are targeting Australian troops, with the elite SAS the prize target. An SAS source told The Daily Telegraph the Taliban were hunting Aussie special forces.

Our sympathy to the families, friends and mates of Matthew Locke and David Pearce, and to all others effected by all the numerous battlezones in this crazy world.  

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