Scotland Yard has now acknowledged the participation of an undercover SAS operative in the anti-terror operation that led to the shooting death of innocent Brazilian Charles de Menezes. The actual shooting, however, was carried out by police officers.

Sir Ian Blair acknowledged publicly for the first time that a member of the special forces was involved in the operation to carry out surveillance on the flat of a suspected suicide bomber in Lambeth.

The Brazilian electrician was mistakenly identified as the suicide bomber when he emerged from the flat and was tailed by undercover police to Stockwell Underground station.

Today Sir Ian, responding to claims that the SAS had shot Mr De Menezes, acknowledged that a soldier was part of the surveillance team.

But he stated: “I can say categorically that SAS officers did not shoot Mr De Menezes.”

He added: “I have met the two men who fired the shots and they were Metropolitan Police officers attached to CO19.”

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