Lots of papers have a follow up the news of the tragic death of SAS man Eddie Collins, we picked one.

The Sunday Times

Sergeant Eddie Collins was part of an unusually large SAS “hard arrest” team, which raided a terrorist safe house in Baghdad in the early hours of Wednesday.

The death of Collins, described by his commanding officer as a man who “always played to win”, comes as the SAS doubles the size of its force in Iraq to fight Iranian-driven attempts to make it appear that Britain is being chased out of the country.

The hope in last week’s raid was that the size of the SAS attack, believed to include more than 30 men backed up by other forces, would be sufficient to overwhelm the defences.

Although intelligence had accurately located the terrorist leader, it severely underestimated the number of insurgents in the house and the scale of their likely resistance.

“He was a senior Al-Qaeda terrorist,” one source said. “He was one of the ones who took over from Zarqawi [the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq who was killed by American special forces last year].

“It’s very difficult to be sure how many are going to be there in these circumstances,” the source said. “In this case there were just more of them than expected and there was a big firefight.

“You go in with people at the front and at the rear and the ones who are at the front are the first to get it.

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