What do you do when delinquent Newcastle teens wreck your beauty spot?  If you’re Tynedale land agents Land Factor, you call in the SAS (or at least consider it).

Watersmeet, a stretch of private land at the junction of the North and South Tynes, near Acomb, has been plagued in recent years by groups of youths coming in from Newcastle.
Recently the problem has degenerated with reported cases of violence, drug-use and theft.
Land agents Land Factor, acting on behalf of the owners, revealed on Wednesday night that they had investigated an exhaustive list of possible solutions – including bringing in the toughest of ex-military personnel.
Director Tom Warde-Aldam told Acomb Parish Council: “There are organisations we can get in to carry out a warden-type function.
“The ex-SAS know their rights and they are fairly intimidating…”

Andy McNab hasn’t been contacted to take on the job, but you never know.

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