Though I feel the mass media about Madeleine is getting close to the edge of risking a “fatigue” of readers, it’s still very much desired the truth comes out. As in all similar cases btw, who do not get this kind of media attention. So there you go:

McCann family asked to Control Risk Group to replace Police in the search for Madeleine

A private security company, paid with money donated by Brian Kennedy, a British businessmen, has send a team to Portugal “to do the work that the Portuguese have failed to do”, according to the Daily Mail. Gerry and Kate have asked the company, founded by former Special Air Services soldiers, to send a team of “search and rescue experts” from CRG to “launch an investigation independent of the Portuguese police. Madeleine’s parents believe detectives have failed to follow up dozens of crucial leads and have told friends that the advice and logistical support from CRG is worth the huge overheads.”

Private investigators working in this kind of cases is a crime, according to Portuguese Law. The Daily Mail refers that Control Risk Group has been working with the McCanns since several weeks, and a team of specialists from the company has been working in Portuguese territory, following several leads that the McCanns believe Portuguese Police hasn’t give enough attention. Other team is following leads about the sighting of of Madeleine McCann at a gas station, wrote the Daily Mail.

Portuguese Intelligence services, “Serviços de Informações e Segurança” (SIS) have been monitoring closely, suspect “movements around the main points where the investigation is going on”. The McCanns are in constant contact with senior representatives of the company, according to a source close to the family”, quoted by Daily Mail. Gerry and Kate turned to the private group, which is based in London and has “high-profile connections to the Foreign Office”, after “Portuguese police began to move their attentions away from the search for Madeleine.”

Most of the 600 employees of CRG are former members of British Special forces. “CRG declined to comment”

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