If you thought operating behind enemy lines for days was tough, try keeping your greedy kids from doing the hungry-vulture bit over your leftovers once you’ve ridden the midnight train to Slab City :

A FALKLANDS War hero who was sent to the islands three weeks before the Task Force arrived has put his medals up for auction – and they could go for £10,000.
SBS Royal Marine Sgt Tim Collins won the Military Medal for gallantry after he and three colleagues hid in a hole in the ground and reported on Argentinian troop movements. The men became known as the Interflora Squad because they had to cover themselves in new foliage each day to stay camouflaged.
Sgt Collins, now in his 50s, also won the South Atlantic Medal with rosette.
He auctioning them along with his General Service Medal with Northern Ireland clasp and his naval long service medal.
Also going under the hammer is a picture of the Interflora Squad drawn by a war artist.
He is selling his medals to prevent his children arguing about them when he is gone.

Perhaps I’m a bit thick, but the guy’s got four medals and a painting–so I assume he has more than five kids? Or can’t just divide evenly and then sell the one leftover? Far be it from me to question a war hero, but this sounds like another case that proves child-rearing can be tougher than combat.
If you want a go at his medals, here’s the auction page. You have ’til 21 September to save up for it (scroll down a bit on the auction page to see the medals).
Click here to read the full story in the Dorset Echo.

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