Special Forces fighting in Afghanistan are among hundreds of troops whose pay is incorrectly docked by a new computerised system, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

Members of the Special Boat Service who fight the Taliban daily are being short-changed by more than £400 a month and some face defaulting on mortgage payments. They are among 300 servicemen affected by faults in the £269 million Joint Personnel Administration system introduced to harmonise the £6 billion annual Forces wages. Some SBS troops, who are recruited almost exclusively from the Royal Marines, are having to rely on help from a welfare fund set up by friends of the unit. SBS commandos complained to Adml Lord Boyce, the former head of the Armed Forces, during his recent visit to Afghanistan. “It must be a worry for those not getting the pay they have expected because their mortgages might be in danger or they might not be able to pay bills,” Lord Boyce said. “That might play on people’s minds and affect operational efficiency.” It was “very unsatisfactory”. A commando said he had spoken to a senior officer about the problem but was told he was in the same position. “The thing that annoys me it that we put our lives on line but I have spent half a day sorting out something I should not have to do on leave.” An MoD spokesman admitted “issues” with JPA. “We would like to apologise to any individuals who may have been [effected].”

Sounds like business as usual to us.

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