Eight Lives Down book by Chris Hunter
‘If fate is against me and I’m killed, so be it, but make it quick and painless. If I’m wounded, don’t let me be crippled. But above all don’t let me fuck up the task’

Some info on a brilliant new book which should appeal, “Eight Lives Down” by Chris Hunter. (The title refers to the nickname for bomb disposal soldiers, Felix the Cat, nine lives sort of thing?)

The cover blurb says “The World’s Most Dangerous Job in the World’s Most Dangerous Place”, “The Story of a Counter-Terrorist Bomb Disposal Operator’s Tour in Iraq”, and “The Most Exciting and Nerve-Jangling Work of Military Non-fiction Since Bravo Two Zero”. The first two certainly sum up this book’s ethos, not sure about the third though, it’s nothing like B20 in fact, just a bit of publisher’s hype to shift the book really. Having said that, this is an entirely compelling story in its own right which is well written and worth telling. We are taken into the world of the men who tackle the increasingly sophisticated attempts to kill allied troops with IEDs and rockets. The workload is unrelenting, the lives saved immeasurable, the detective work immaculate. This book is full of action and contains many facts about this subject that were hitherto unknown to the public. Essential reading if you have the slightest interest in what is really happening in Iraq.

[Thanks to GML friend and fellow-traveler Camban for the review]

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