Derek Lord provides a fantastic analysis of Andy McNab’s Spoken from the Front in today’s Aberdeen Press and Journal:
Spoken from the Front“I HAVE just finished reading former SAS soldier Andy McNab’s book Spoken From the Front, a compilation of interviews, diaries, letters and e-mails written to family, friends and loved ones by British men and women serving in Afghanistan since 2006. It makes for a very depressing, if informative, read.

The numerous deaths and horrific injuries suffered by the fighters on both sides and by the civilian population caught up in the war weigh heavy on the reader’s soul, and yet it seems we are no nearer to a solution now than we were when the book was published several months ago.

At the time of writing, McNab pointed out that the percentage of British soldiers being killed in Afghanistan exceeded that of those killed during the heaviest fighting in World War II and was approaching the levels experienced by our troops at the height of World War I.” Read more…