Sharp-eyed GML visitor Susie from Spain has spotted what may well be an error in Seven Troop.  I’ll let her explain in her own words:

I was born in Hereford.
I was taught to drive in a Morgan 4/4 on Bradbury Lines Parade ground.
I made my 1st parachute drop when Pete Sherman was making his 700th.
I went climbing in Symonds Yat with one Taff Evans.
Unless there has been some serious geographical upheaval at some stage of which I was unaware
Then passengers on the Hereford Worcester train passing Bradbury Lines were seriously off route more likely to be heading for Abergavenny.
Does nobody pick up at proof reading stage? It’s a disturbing error in one so competent.

Thanks for writing, Susie.  Can anyone else verify this mistake?

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